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The Fur and Leather Workers Union

Philip Foner

708 pages. A history of the only openly communist-controlled labor union in the country. A classic.  $5

Working Lives: An Oral History of Rhode Island Labor

Ed. Paul Buhle

80 pages. A series of interviews with labor activists in the state reaching back to the 1890’s  $5

All Aboard: A History of Mass Transportation in Rhode Island

Scott Molloy

128 pages. A pictorial history of horse-cars, trolleys, busses, and the union operators who ran them.  $5

Cultural Heritage and Land Management Plan for the Blackstone River Valley Corridor

Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor Commission

84 pages.  The plans and formation of a national two-state salute to their industrial heritage  $2

A Guide to the Historical Study of Rhode Island Working People

Scott Molloy, Eric Barden, Tim McMahon

40 pages. A selective bibliography of primary and secondary sources for research into blue collar life locally. Many graphics and photographs.  $5

A History of Rhode Island Working People

Paul Buhle, Scott Molloy, Gail Sansbury

88 pages. Dozens of photographs & essays capture the rich history of the state’s workers  $10

Work Hazards & Industrial Conflict

Carl Gersuny

162 pages. A hardcover that uses case studies from Massachusetts. A bargain!  $5

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