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Working People

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Blackboard Unions:  The AFT & the NEA 1900-1980. Majorie Murphy (Cornell University Press, 1992)  The history of the collective action of teachers, culminating with their organization into two powerful national unions.

Bread & Roses:  Mills, Migrants, and the Struggle for the American Dream. Bruce Watson (Viking, 2005)  A detailed account of the dramatic 1912 textile strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts, the repression of immigrant workers.

Death In the Haymarket.  

James Green (Pantheon Books, 2006)  Green chronicles the bloody Haymarket riot and the country’s first Red Scare that followed.

Triangle:  The Fire That Changed America.

David Von Drehle. (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2003)  Author Von Drehele details the tragic fire, the trial that followed and, the alliance of labor and political reformers (Frances Perkins, Robert Wagner, and Alfred E. Smith) that followed.

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Legal Bases: Baseball and the Law.  Roger I. Abrams (Temple University Press, 1998)  Law professor, arbitrator, and author Roger Abrams tells the story of baseball’s development from its earliest days to present, and the role law and labor played in that development.  From the earliest player’s union, through baseball’s anti-trust exemption, to arbitration and free-agency, Abrams’ book is a great read for baseball fans, labor enthusiasts, and legal buffs.