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Membership Subscription

Please join our efforts to preserve and maintain the rich working-class heritage that Rhode Island enjoys.  Your support fuels the work we do to honor and commemorate the labor of our predecessors


Student/Retiree Membership                        1 year                  $10.00

Individual Membership                                  1 year                 $15.00 or 2 for $25

Lifetime Membership                                     Lifetime              $150.00

Labor Union Membership                               1 year                 renewable annually

                                99 members or less                                  $25.00

                                100-499 members                                    $50.00

                                500 members or more                              $100.00

New members may choose any $5 book when first subscribing.  Please see the RILHS booklist on our website for a publication list.

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Please mail with a check made payable to:

Rhode Island Labor History Society

Schmidt Labor Research Center

The University of Rhode Island

Hart House/36 Upper College Road

Kingstown, RI  02881